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Our Operations Review projects typically begin by identifying or focusing your operation's goals. Using these goals as benchmarks, we determine how effectively they are being met, by comparing them to actual results. Through our experience and interviewing your key personnel, we identify potential solutions to problems which we uncover. Working closely with your staff, we screen these solutions, design implementation plans and help you to install them.  We will then monitor your progress in implementing them.


We have a long and successful project management track record in areas including product development, plant design and start-up, and cost reduction. Our project management approach is highly interactive, emphasizing close communication with our clients to keep them abreast of progress and afford them the opportunity to make mid-project inputs.


Strategic and tactical planning are absolute requirements for profitable, predictable growth. Business plans must be dynamic, to permit management to respond effectively to changes in the business environment. For this reason, we design our business plans to be interactive.


Our multi industry experience and our emphasis on innovation have resulted in streamlined work flow, reduced costs and expanded manufacturing capacity for many of our clients.

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It costs five times as much to close a new account than to hold onto an existing one. So to maintain and grow a customer base, it's cheaper and easier for a business to keep their existing ones longer than it is to attract new ones. Practically speaking, businesses need to address both areas, but if a business is losing customers, maintaining its customer base by recruiting new ones is hardly cost-effective. The key to maintaining and improving customer satisfaction is understanding their expectations through Customer Satisfaction Surveys.

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The successful planning, design, installation and operation of material handling plans require a thorough understanding of the system and its components as well as the materials and products that will be processed. Key issues include: How delicate is the product? How flexible must the system be? What allowance should be made for future expansion? Our experience includes planning and installing systems using complex conveyor systems, automated guided vehicles and fork/clamp trucks.


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